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3D Printers For Schools

3D Printers and 3D printing Filament For Schools

3D printing makes it possible for students to take a 3D design created on their PC and print it out as a touchable, solid, object. 3D printers can create a whole new generation of designers, engineers and entrepreneurs to create their ideas.

3D Printing In Schools

Benefits of 3D printing in Education

Bringing 3D printing into the classroom helps young people realise their potential. It gives them a head start on future challenges. As the 3D printing world rapidly changes with new machines, technology and materials it is vital that the next generation is kept up-to-date with adequate knowledge and experience and how to use techniques.

Capture students interest

Making information visible helps capture students interests, they will soon get bored with lots of text. But when you really want to keep students interested, print it in 3D.


Stimulate interaction in the classroom by using a 3D printer, pupils will be instantly transformed in an interactive learning experience.

Tangible aids 

If you can draw it you can print it! Anything drawn on a blackboard can sometimes be a difficult concept to get over to your students.  Your ideas can now be explained through models that students can touch and investigate from a 360 degree perspective. 

Preparing students for their future careers and teaching them design, engineering and manufacturing valuable skills is just one aspect of implementing 3D printing in educational programs. Contact us to find out how we can help your school enter the world of 3D printing and how we can help reduces costs with bespoke packages made for your schools needs and to suit all budgets.

Free Advice On 3D Printing Cost Cutting

Our dedicated after sales business service team are just a phone call away to offer advice on reducing your 3D printer consumables costs.

Flexible Credit Facilities

Together with lower prices and free delivery, we also offer 30-day credit terms with full invoicing to help you manage your schools 3D Printing budget and cash flow.

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